15 Years of Limited Audience

This November marks the 15th anniversary of this site. It’s incredible that something I started as a John Willie tribute site in 2000 turned into a bondage paysite just a few months later, and has been running as such ever since.

I remember when Dave Simpson suggested I turn my site into a paysite, when I was at his place with some of my female friends who were modelling for him. But where would I find the models, I innocently asked? Well, start with your friends, he said, those who like a bit of bondage fun. Well, that turned out to be a fair few. And as of this writing, I’ve worked with 94 beautiful models, some amateur, some professional, all fantastic.

Back when I started, the site looked quite different. Thanks to the awesome Wayback Machine, we can peek back. Here are some screenshots from the various looks through time.

Throughout the years my equipment has changed a lot, and with it the quality of the photography, and later the videos. Early photos were all shot on film, developed, and scanned. Eventually I moved to digital, but it took two or three camera models before we arrived at the sharpness and detail of my later photos. One thing hasn’t changed though: every singly picture on Limited Audience is hand cropped, edited, colour corrected, and graded. And there have been an awful lot of photos.

On this journey I’ve met amazing people. I’ve worked with nearly 100 models, most of whom many times. One of whom I married.

There certainly have been obstacles, in the form of vague or senseless rules and regulations, heavily handed down by credit card companies or ill-informed governments, but we’ve withstood all of those so far. Our billing agent, Verotel, has been great ever since we switched to them all those years ago; their support friendly and knowledgable. Our hosting company has helped me battle through myriad server attacks.

What will the future hold for Limited Audience? It’s hard to say. The site has ever been a labour of love, and not my main business. Nevertheless, I have to make enough money to pay the models, the hosting, the accountant, and every once in a while a new piece of equipment. That’s getting harder as subscriptions are going down. Many current consumers are used to tube sites, where they can get content for free – albeit content that is often pirated. The rise of the tube sites has been terrible for business – producers and models alike.

Traditionally, the adult industry had been at the forefront of business models. In recent times however, it seems like that innovation has stagnated. As income shrinks, experimentation is jettisoned first, after all.

If you like what Limited Audience has done for the last 15 years, and would like it to continue, please consider buying a subscription. As long as I can pay the bills, I’ll keep the lights on, and who knows, maybe we’ll make it to 20 years?

Mobile & Tablet Improvements

Since the launch of the new site, I’d been using a Javascript library that mimicked a “drawer” style interaction on mobiles and small screens, where the page slid to the right to reveal the navigation menu when clicking the “menu” button. Testing has shown that this didn’t work as well as hoped on some devices, so today I’ve introduced a complete rework of that.

When viewing the site on smaller screens, such as mobiles, you’ll still have the “menu” button as before, but now when clicking it, it simply pops down the menu, quick and easy. It’s not as flashy, but it should be much more stable, as the underlying page structure is much simpler.

Of course, I cannot test on every device out there, so I would be grateful if you let me know about any problems you might be experiencing.

Behind the Scenes with AltSiren & Elyssia

A little while ago I shot a suspension scene with AltSiren and Elyssia. The two models hadn’t previously worked together, but immediately clicked. I had just gotten my hands on a quality pair of suspension cuffs, and I was eager to try them out.

With the help of some chains, ropes, and some additional hooks screwed into my pergoda, we were ready to go. And because a simple suspension wasn’t quite enough, there would be some light flogging involved too, courtesy of Elyssia, in an awesome, long PVC dress. (Don’t worry, she got her come-uppance in a later video.)

Suspensions can be quite tricky, and have a multitude of safety concerns, so never try this without professsional assistance.

In the end, we had AltSiren hanging powerlessly from our make-do cross for the duration of the video shooting, plus photo shooting afterwards. She’s still working with us, so it must have been fun! 🙂

Here’s a look at behind the scenes from that shoot.

Upcoming Attractions

Yesterday we shot with Assisted Suicide, and we were lucky enough to get a few glimpses of sunshine. Well, ok, maybe not quite sunshine, but it didn’t rain at least. Nevertheless, I was undeterred and determined to shoot in the garden, which had recently been cleared of enormous amounts of nature that had accrued over the recent clemency following winter.

The first set from this shoot will go live this coming Friday, in the form of a video entitled Domme in Danger, which sees Assisted Suicide, in full leather and lace, tied between two trees. Assisted Suicide, with her striking hair, was a pleasure to work with, as always.

Here’s a sneak peek, directly from the editing suite:


And while we’re talking about new material, I’ve also been editing a great set with Elyssis in bright blue lingerie.


When I first look at pictures straight from the camera, I often feel that they already look great. It’s only after I’ve colour graded them and compare them to the original that I realise how flat and dull those are colourwise. Here’s an example:


This set is coming on Monday. Hope you enjoy all the new updates!


That’s the name Google+ Photos gives to images that is has dynamically altered. It’s a great little feature that ensures neat little surprises every once in a while after you’ve uploaded your photos to Google+. Sometimes, it takes a picture and puts a moody filter on it, sometimes it combines several into a collage, and sometimes, when it recognises a series of related pictures, it converts them into an animation. I’ve even been surprised with an auto-awesome picture once, where Google+ overlaid David Hasselhoff’s face onto it!


I’ve got a little desktop tool installed that automatically backs up the pictures on my computer to my Google+ account. I’ve excluded my Limited Audience media folders from this, as they are massive, and would very quickly take up all my account space. However, a while back I was experimenting with a new editing workflow, and a bunch of pictures made it into my Google+ account. Suddenly, I had a whole load of auto-awesome animations from those pictures, and let me tell you they don’t look half bad. Sure, one could do much the same manually, but having them turn up randomly and automatically is much cooler!

Here are some of my recent favourites, featuring the lovely Bryony Fuller, Fay, and Stacey Von.

Continue reading Auto-Awesome

Behind the Scenes with Assisted Suicide

Here is a short video about the making of Interrupted Ballet Practice that once more highlights the pure professionalism and no-nonsense work ethic that suffuses every Limited Audience shoot.

This is actually the first of 3 vignettes about this particular shoot with Assisted Suicide. Each one focuses on one of the 3 videos we produced that day.


Next weekend I have a photoshoot with the inimitable Elyssia, and I’ve got something special planned. Without giving too much away, the new site should allow me to produce better and longer videos, and this shoot will be the first test.

This weekend, I’ve finished the updates for the coming week, which includes Nyxon in a strict and unforgiving strappado, and Alais Peach in a rope bundle. I’ve also fixed a couple of typos on the site, added brand new banners (check them out on the links page), and prepared some new promotional screens for our affiliates. It’s been busy!

Elyssia Handcuffed

The picture here shows Elyssia in a beautiful outfit, from a set that’s part of another piece of news, but one I’m not quite ready to announce yet. One almost doesn’t spot the handcuffs right away.

Very soon, I’ll be adding another behind the scenes video too.

Behind the Scenes with AndromedaX

Several years ago we started filming a few of these little videos, but didn’t have a proper outlet for them. With this blog we finally do, so here is the first one, from a 2012 shoot with AndromedaX. As you can see, it’s all total seriousness and objective professionalism here at Limited Audience.

I wonder if anyone’s ever tried out the scenario from the shoot? Make a house unsellable by filling it with tied women?

A Bit of Green

Nature can be perilous. It gets you when you least expect it. Case in point: Luisa spends a couple of hours roughing it in the garden, dressed in a fine blue gown and high heels. She is cuffed, gagged, caged, struggles and squirms, and almost kicks the cage down, yet all is fine. She’s out of the cage for two minutes, leans innocently against a tree, and, well, green ensues.